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23 February 2012 @ 02:51 am
hisashiburi sketch dump  
I originally wanted to posted something for V-day, but then my computer's graphic card crashed so I had to go out and buy a new one. O_O; I'm glad that I didn't have to replace the entire computer though because I don't know what I would do if I had to do that.

Who even checks LJ anymore. Okay, now I know there are at least two-three other people who might read this. XD;

Anyway, a sketch dump that I'm not going to post about on Tumblr. I'm too tired to section up and clean up the pages. There are "comics" drawn on letter size pages of paper, but I don't cut up the borderless panels and place them individually in choronological order like I usually do. Instead, you have the joy of trying to figure out the right order to read each event. This is how I do sketch comcis by the way. The largest thing is usually the thing I draw first. Then I look at the interaction and it inspires a little story. Recently the little stories just go in the same way all the time. I need to try harder to make something different, but for now I just draw the same stories over and over to make myself feel better.

The story of this is what if Oscar and Jirou met when they were in middle school instead of in high school. I drew Jirou too tall in the top left hand corner. I think maybe that's around his high school height except a little shorter. The girl in the middle is a 13 year old Vivien... Oscar was pretty aware since he was very young that he was gay whereas Jirou is a little more oblivious about these things so he doesn't notice it until much much later. ;3;

Oscar tutoring Jirou! Oscar finds Jirou so cute when he is trying so hard, but it's distracting and he can't concentrate on his own work...

This was inspired by the videos on Youtube that I saw of these cool ouendan in Japan's rural areas. They are so awesome and coordinated. I imagined if Jirou led Ouendan he would be pretty good at it; I mean, it's already really popular! Whenever he sees Oscar he is always imagining how he wishes to hold him and be happy with him...

I imagine that Vivien likes to knit and she makes scarves and hats for Oscar because she loves him like she does her own brothers. She has many brothers and she is the youngest in her family, but she treats Oscar like her little brother or a pet actually. :D :D :D :D;;;;;; There is an image I drew in which she knit scarves and mini hats for Oscar's bird friends. It was so cute I had to stop drawing. It was going into dangerous territory. O_O

Even in Jirou's fantasy Oscar isn't always so willing. XD;; And now, the reason why Oscar is always frowning/squinting...

What if their roles were switched and Oscar was the 'yankee' and Jirou was the studious one?

He would still be so nervous.

There is a real brand called Galfy by the way. It is kind of tacky in a glorious way.

I posted these on tumblr already, Jirou and Oscar and Vivien as little children. Maybe... 4th or 5th or even 3rd grade? I dunno...

Jirou spends his most of his life oblivious to the fact that other people think he is so weird.

what happened. T_T

OH BOY - the way to any boy's heart is sweets! I think Emily harbours a secret one-sided love for Vivien... even though Emily is really uptight about certain things and always scolding Vivien for her reckless behaviour!
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rainoraino on March 2nd, 2012 07:41 pm (UTC)
I rarely check LJ, but now that I did, it was lovely to see your sketches. I've told this before, but it bears repeating - I love your sketch line, it's so expressive.
romanshoubu: Jirouromanshoubu on March 7th, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your sweet comment. It has been so long. I hope that things for your and your family have been going well! I miss you! <3 Someday I hope I can make it to visit your country. T_T
rainoraino on March 10th, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)
It would be so awesome if you could come visit here! I'm really keeping my thumbs up for that. Or then we should meet in Japan!
Checking on LJ again made me realise there are some wonderful people, with whom LJ is my best contact, like you. I want to stay in contact!