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05 November 2011 @ 10:45 pm
hello dear Livejournal.
I just want you to know that I still love you.

sketch dump

Oscar : Tsundere until the end of time.

Why is everyone angry at Jirou. :-(


A few weeks ago I learned that a gay teen in my city committed suicide because he was being bullied to the point that he felt he could no longer go on and had to take his own life. :-( It was raining that day and then I drew this... I never finished- I am sorry! >_<;

Now you know why at the end of the third page Oscar looks expressionless. LOL (^^;;; T________T

Oscar being nice to Jirou

is what I draw when I am feeling down.

Someone mentioned to me that maybe I should try drawing one of those character memes. I started one for Oscar but never finished it. The caption on the left: "In front of that person he likes." The one on the right is for when he is sad.


I hate how I always have to choose between school or drawing. None of these activities will pay the bills. I hate that I am sitting on essentially 150 pages of pencils that I haven't been able to ink. By the time I will eventually get to it all the pencils will seem so stale to me that it will be a difficult task indeed. ;_;
chibi_hoshichibi_hoshi on November 10th, 2011 08:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Courage!
Oh, Lightboxes are so, so useful.

Also, I know you don't want to talk about it, but I'm constantly puzzled by your field of studies and how HARD it seems. Especially if you don't think you'll have a job afterward? Ô_o

I hope you'll be proven wrong >_